Encrypted SSD
SecuDrive mH-Data
PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted portable SSD
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Encrypted Compact SSD
SecuDrive S-Data
Our smallest, lightest, fastest and most rugged FIPS compliant encrypted portable SSD
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Encrypted HDD
SecuDrive H-Data
PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted desktop drive
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Encrypted HDDs/SSDs

Capacities: 128GB-20TB

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Encrypted HDD

Encrypted compact drives

Capacities: 128GB-2TB

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Encrypted compact drives

Software Solution

Ultimate security for your data

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Encrypted software solutions

Powerful Encryption

Hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption provides military grade protection to help prevent data breach.

Admin and End-User Roles

Supports an administrator password and a user password to control access to advanced menu options.

Easy for Anyone to Use

Access is via a keypad, which means the device is easy to use and the data is ultra-secure.

SecuDrive SSD/HDD drives

Total Control of Your Data.

Eliminate data leaks and protect digital files with the hardware-encrypted SecuDrive. The devices is hardware-encrypted and is FIPS-validated. It is unlocked by entering the user PIN via the onboard keypad. The keypad is wear-resistant to prevent unauthorized parties from seeing commonly used keys.

If the SecuDrive is stolen, the brute-force, anti-hacking mechanism wipes the drive clean after 10 consecutive failed PIN entries. Epoxy coating on internal components prevents hackers from accessing data through physical tampering. The device is OS-independent and can be used across all devices with a USB port.

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State of the art, ultra-secure and easy to use hardware encrypted portable data storage devices that give you total security and control over your data.

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