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Providing the most secure and easy-to-use data storage solutions.

Our Story

The past 10 years have been marked by major data breaches every year. Each year, both the volume of these leaks and the cost of the consequences increase.

To refresh your memory, let’s look back at the most high-profile data breaches:
2015: Experian (T-mobile) – leaked data of 15 million users; LastPass – leaked some data to restore access to the service; Anthem – leaked data of 80 million users of medical organizations in the United States.
2016: Acer – leaked bank details of 34,000 online store customers; Hillary Clinton – leaked 30,000 emails of personal correspondence; Mossack Fonseca leaked over 11.5 million documents.
2017: Heathrow Airport (U.K.) unprotected USB flash drive found on the street with airport security data; Verizon leaks data of 14 million users; IBM, Dell, AT&T and Boeing leak 33 million employees’ data on a massive scale.
2018: Marriot leaks data of 500 million users; Ford, Tesla and Toyota leak trade secrets; British Airways leaks 400,000 customer bank data
2019: Yves Rocher leaked data of 2.5 million customers; MasterCard leaked financial information of over 10,000 customers; Honda leaked personal information of over 1 million users
2020: Resona Bank lost data drive of 14,000 customers; Decathlon leaked personal information of more than 10 million users; LG leaked electronics codes.
2021: LinkedIn leaked data of 500 million users; Air India leaked personal information of 4.5 million passengers; Volkswagen leaked data of 3.3 million customers.

After reading about all of these data loss cases, SecuDrive CEO (called Hawk Security until 2020) Sergei Semeikin saw that this was a clearly growing problem with detrimental consequences, and identified a huge gap in the market to create a business offering ultra-secure, easy-to-use and affordable data storage devices. Applying his experience and knowledge, Sergei was able to come up with product ideas that would resolve such problems.

In 2020, SecuDrive was born.

Our Growth

Since its inception, SecuDrive has grown steadily and we’ve increased the number of products we produce from one to three to meet market demand. We’ve gained a terrific product end-user base and major customer wins. The company has had tremendous success in bringing unique products to market, from concept to mass production, that combine ease of use with military-grade reliability. SecuDrive products feature a secure microprocessor that meets government certifications such as FIPS 140-2 Level 2/3 and NATO. At SecuDrive, we always strive to deeply understand the market and end-user requirements, and then incorporate those requirements and customer-required features into our products. Having a team of people with the knowledge, experience and passion to create these solutions helps SecuDrive continually evolve and innovate.

Our Values

Loyalty, honesty, integrity and ambition guides the business in everything we do.

As Sergei warmly puts it, “I view the SecuDrive team as an extension of my family and I always strive to do the best I possibly can for my family.”

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The Team

At SecuDrive, we are guided by common quality standards, equally honest and motivated by a common desire to make data protection easy and affordable.

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