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Data Security Solutions for the Energy Sector

Modern society depends intimately on the uninterrupted supply of energy. Electricity, oil, and gas provide the foundation for emergency services, communications, manufacturing, national defense, and 12 other sectors the Department of Homeland Security has designated as essential critical infrastructure. Disruptions to any of these industrial sectors would have a devastating impact on the physical and economic health of the country, and potentially endanger lives.

World industry increasingly relies on technology that is inherently vulnerable to cyber attacks. The shift toward automated industrial control systems has made energy production and delivery more efficient, but it has also exposed our most critical industrial systems to attack by malicious actors or state-sponsored cybercriminals. Government agencies and cybersecurity analysts agree that this threat becomes more substantial every year.

SecuDrive’s comprehensive data security solutions focus on the key areas of vulnerability in industrial systems. SecuDrive’s offline encrypted backup and portable storage drives keep essential data secure. Our remote drive management capabilities eliminate threats from lost or stolen drives. And our DLP port-blocking technology hardens endpoint security, a common vector of attack via infected USB devices.


General security and data protection
Mobile and field operations
Keyboard-less consumption and load meters
System backups and update


Protect data anywhere, anytime.

SecuDrive simplifies encryption, making it easy for local or remote users to protect, monitor, and secure financial data.

Secures data all the way to the edge.

SecuDrive solutions protect external devices using military-grade encryption and securing your organization against USB threats.

Gives admins control over all data.

Control external devices remotely. Manage permissions, track, lock down, and remove access to financial data all with a keystroke.

Compliant with strict industry regulations.

Meet strict governmental regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, DHS Initiatives, NRC, GLB, and more.