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Data Security for Manufacturing

The technology that drives modern manufacturing is in a near-constant state of evolution, and the pace of change will only increase in coming years. But with the advent of new technology comes new cybersecurity risks. Balancing the needs of data security and technological innovation is essential to meeting the ever-changing security challenges of the future.

Key areas of vulnerability include greater capital investments in intellectual property (IP), effective management of industrial control systems, and expanding device connectivity. A security assessment of the manufacturing sector found that IP is considered a manufacturer’s most valuable asset, and the thing most often targeted by cybercriminals.

Protecting the data that fuels innovation and drives the manufacturing sector requires a comprehensive and layered approach to security. Encrypted hardware, remote drive management, and hardened endpoint protection form the core of SecuDrive’s integrated approach to complete data security for the manufacturing sector.


Secure remote/production equipment updates
Protect OT networks from USB-based threats
Storing CAD and Manufacturing design files
Data collection/updates of human-machine interfaces, kiosks, and non-PC systems


Protect data anywhere, anytime.

SecuDrive simplifies encryption, making it easy for local or remote users to protect, monitor, and secure financial data.

Secures data all the way to the edge.

SecuDrive solutions protect external devices using military-grade encryption and securing your organization against USB threats.

Gives admins control over all data.

Control external devices remotely. Manage permissions, track, lock down, and remove access to financial data all with a keystroke.

Compliant with strict industry regulations.

Meet strict governmental regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, DHS Initiatives, NRC, GLB, and more.